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About Me!


My name is Amelia & I am 22 years old. I live in Riverton, Utah in a log cabin that was built by my grandpa. I live with my fiance and our two beautiful cats Kevin & Coco. I have always known i had the passion to start my own business & follow in my families footsteps, but I could never pin point exactly what i wanted to do!

Until... Coronavirus 2020. I lost both my jobs and i didn't know what to do!!! I just bought a house! How am i going to survive this!? I spent all summer trying out different "hobbies". My first attempt was knitting... nope. I sucked at that. So then I tried sewing! I "professionally" made masks for a local company for about a month.. and i thought maybe that was it! Until i realized, I actually hated that too. Then one night, as i obsess over my melted citronella candles, and made different designs in the container i put it in, it clicked! Why not put my passion for fire and wax together and make candles!? The next day, i bought a starter kit, did more research than i would've ever thought necessary, and the next thing you know, Sweet City Scents was born!

Every candle is hand poured and designed by yours truly! I am a perfectionist, so all candles are made with love and perfection! Every time i have made a candle that I am proud of, I face time every friend and family member I have until someone answers, so I can show them how cute my new creation is. Every time I sell a candle, my heart JUMPS out of excitement. I can not wait for my pride and joys, to bring happiness, amazing scents, & a cleaner burn, into your home!

Ps. I have a slight lisp... so WHAT was i thinking with the name!? lol 

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